Cinder & Smoke’s hand poured soy candles fill your spaces with subtle scents that embody emotions and memories

Cinder & Smoke soy candles

About our candles

Cinder & Smoke candles are made from soy wax and wooden wicks for a clean, eco-friendly burn. Our candles are petroleum free, 100% natural and vegan.

Inspired by botanical nomenclature, we have named our candles after the botanical family name of fragrances used in each candle.

We are an Australian company and source all our materials from Australian suppliers. We use only sustainably sourced, environmentally friendly, natural ingredients.

We carefully hand pour and package our candles to ensure the best quality and experience.

Why wooden wicks?

Wooden wicks can sound like the crackle of a campfire.

They create a horizontal flame that throws more heat into the candle quicker, so even though they burn slower and lower, wooden wicks will heat up the fragrance and create a scent throw in less time than cotton wicks.

Because wooden wicks heat up the wax more evenly, candles will have a more even burn over time and last longer.

Wooden wicks are also more sustainable than cotton wicks.

Range Dawn closeup

What clients say …

WOW! I just received my 2 candles and so excited to use them! First impression is the packaging which was amazing! So unique cool and funky I loved it! The jars have their own personalities and go with the theme of the scents it’s so nicely packaged and so professional. The candles themselves are beautiful and each one has its own unique and beautiful smell to it, I can tell love and care has really gone into the making of these beauties! Also I’m vegan so the fact these are vegan friendly is key for me can’t wait to start using these. (Jazz Say)

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